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Q&A about Children's Health

In this section, Dr. Yoichi Sakakihara, Director, Child Research Net, and Pediatrician, responds to questions and concerns regarding children's physical well-being and health.

Child Research Network Asia [CRNA]

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2016, CRN has launched the "Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)," covering a wider area throughout Asia in search for solutions to various issues involving children in Asia.
In this section, you will find the detailed reports of lectures at the International Conferences, as well as articles on the current situation and issues of targeted Asian countries.

Please click here to read more about the "Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)."

Data-based Discussion on Education and Children in Japan

In this series, we examine the current landscape and issues of education in Japan based on results of surveys mainly targeting students, parents and teachers. Pursuing the growing emphasis on evidence-based educational practice and policy evaluation in Japan, we intend to introduce the accumulated data that depicts the current situation of education in Japan to overseas researchers and practitioners.

ECEC around the World

"ECEC around the World" covers a wide range of topics on early childhood education and care (ECEC) from the perspective of researchers around the world. Early childhood education and care vary according to the culture, language and characteristics of a particular country. These articles promote reexamination of early childhood education in one's own country while introducing developments elsewhere.


Declining Birth Rate and Child-rearing in Japan

Japan has become an aging low birth-rate society, facing rapid demographic change. Since countermeasures for the declining birth rate are urgently required, we will look into the issues of marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing in this section. We will also view the opinions of professionals and individuals supporting child-rearing, thinking of ways to create a society that can provide effective support for children and child-rearing families.

East Asia: Child-rearing and Education Today

This section features articles and essays on child raising and education by researchers and professionals in various fields in Japan, China, and South Korea. What are the differences in child-raising customs, educational systems and the thinking that emerges from them? CRN’s international network communicates what is happening in East Asia today.

Brain & Education

Reviews of articles from Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) introduce the integration of neuroscience and education. MBE is published by the International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES) and Blackwell Publishing and edited by a board of internationally recognized scholars and practitioners in fields relevant to the mind, brain and education.

Child Science and Great East Japan Earthquake

CRN created this special section on "Child Science and the Great East Japan Earthquake: Emotional Care for Children" to support the efforts of those assisting in the emotional care of children, Children are our future and our hope. We will be grateful if you find it helpful in some way.


Youth Projects

Young Researchers' Papers (YRP) are essays written by junior/senior high school students sharing their experiences and thoughts of everyday life in Japan.Teens' Photo Project (TPP) also portrays teens in Japan today -how they live and feel- through photography.