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COVID-19 Information Surrounding Children

As the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the world, the situation remains unpredictable.
Meanwhile, at Child Research Net, we provide you with COVID-19 related information surrounding children on our website. We hope it may be helpful to you in some way.

We selected essential topics for considering qualities and skills needed for children’s well-being, and the environment where they are nurtured.

Main Research TopicsEssential topics for considering qualities and skills needed for children’s well-being, and their environment.

Essential topics for considering qualities and skills needed for children’s well-being, and their environment.
  • Social and Emotional SkillsSocial and emotional skills have a great impact on children's development and learning. Here we discuss how to nurture these skills.?
  • ECEC around the WorldFocusing on the trends of ECEC around the world, specialists discuss issues regarding children's growth and development.
  • Digital Media and ChildrenICTs are making day-to-day advancement. Explore the discussion on how it should be used for the better in children's development.
  • Children with Special NeedsHere we discuss how to build a sound environment where all children, regardless of their needs, can lead a safe and secure life.?

Other Research Topics

  • Health and Medical Issues
  • Childrearing
  • Education and Learning
  • Caring for Children after Natural Disasters

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