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While the practice and quality of early childhood education and care (ECEC) have drawn increasing attention from the world community, Japan's ECEC are also undergoing various reforms. Child Research Net (CRN) promotes ECEC studies. In our ECEC Newsletters, we introduce parts of the research results. Please download them and take a look!


Published annually or semi-annually, the CRN Newsletter is an activity report providing a quick view of recent events and projects.

Reports of Child Science Exchange Program

A key CRN initiative, the Child Science Exchange Program promotes the perspectives of Child Science on a global scale through academic exchange between universities and schools in East Asia. Selected presentations are archived in this section.

Year Books

CRN published seven Year Books from 2001-2007. CRN's activities for each year are presented in detail.


This section shows videos produced by CRN. Recently, we made a series on "Recipes for Play" with the Tokyo Toy Museum.


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