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Topics related to "Parenting," such as the father's view of child rearing, the parent-child relationship, and breastfeeding, mainly focusing on Asian countries.


School & Teachers

Topics related to "School and Teachers" include issues and new approaches of education at school, teacher's quality, and educational reform in various countries.


After-School & Community Activities

Topics related to "After-School and Community Activities" include camp experience, peace education, teaching kids to cook, and new program called "Children's University Kawagoe" in Japan.


Playing & Learning

Topics related to "Playing and Learning" include learning through playing, nurturing creativity, a good environment for the creativity, toys, and being playful.

Children in the Digital Age

Topics related to "Children in the Digital Age" include web and media utilization in children, education for internet generation, social networking and child development, views on technology development and the influence of digital media on children.


Language Development & Education

Topics related to "Language Development and Education" include bilingual education, second language acquisition and culture and global awareness education.

Health & Medical Issues

Topics related to "Health and Medical Issues" include child health and illness, schooling for children at hospital, child life specialists, food education, death education, dental disease.

Children's Rights & Well-being

Topics related to "Children's Rights and Well-being" include children's rights, child safety, children's quality of life, foster care, children and parents in Japanese law and family courts.

New Directions

Topics related to "New Directions" include anthropological perspectives and the meaning of singing, humor, nickname and animal on children.


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