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Child Reserch Network Asia (CRNA)

Child Reserch Network Asia
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About this Project

Child Research Net (CRN) has held ten conferences under the "Child Science Exchange Program in East Asia", providing an arena of discussion to researchers involved in Child Science in East Asia, such as Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and South Korea.
Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we have launched the "Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)" in search for solutions to various issues involving children in Asia.


Solve children's issues in Asia initiating from the standpoint of "Child Science."
Build a network of connections based in Asia, through which Child Science specialists from each country can hold discussions.

Targeted Countries and Regions

Japan, Mainland China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand


[1] Host "International Conferences" on issues involving children in Asia (planned annually).
[2] Report current situation and issues of targeted Asian countries based on the topics discussed in the above "International Conferences" (multilingual publication).


President Emeritus
Japan Noboru Kobayashi (CRN Honorary Director; Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)
Japan Yoichi Sakakihara (CRN Director; Professor Emeritus, Ochanomizu University)
Mainland China Jiaxiong Zhu (Professor Emeritus, East China Normal University)
Board Members from Countries and Regions in Asia
Japan Miwako Hoshi (Professor Emerita, Jumonji University)
Sachiko Kitano (Associate Professor, Kobe University Graduate School)
Hajime Ishiyama (General Manager, Shanghai Children's Epoch Benesse Culture Development Co., Ltd.)
Akinori Tazume (Vice President Director, PT Benesse Indonesia; General Manager of Kodomo Challenge)
Kazunari Taniyama (CRN Executive Advisor; General Manager, Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute (BERD))
Mainland China Nianli Zhou (Professor, East China Normal University)
Indonesia Sofia Hartati (Dean, Faculty of Education, State University of Jakarta)
Fasli Jalal (Rector, Yarsi University)
Hardiono D. Pusponegoro (Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia)
Malaysia Poh Tin Tan (Pediatrician, Tan Specialist Child and Family Clinic)
Aminah binti Ayob (Professor Emerita, Sultan Idris Education University)
Philippines Thelma Mingoa (Assistant professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Management, De La Salle University)
Singapore Christine Chen (President, Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore))
Taiwan Lee-Fong Wong (Professor, Department of Early Childhood and Family Education, National Taipei University of Education)
Shih-Tsung Chang (President, International Play Association-Taiwan branch (IPAT))
Fu Tsai Hung (Professor, National Taipei University of Education)
Thailand Anannit Visudtibhan (President, Child Neurology Association (Thailand))
Sasilak Khayankij (Associate professor in early childhood education, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University)


Child Research Net (CRN)
c/o Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute (BERD)
1-34, Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo, 206-0033, Japan

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