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Basic Survey on Study III -Topics


Main themes chosen from the survey's result are introduced here.

General Trend
  1. The time spent studying outside school premises is decreasing.
  2. The number of days spent studying at home is decreasing.
  3. Time spent watching TV is increasing.
  4. More students are becoming to understand school classes.
  5. A good 50% of children use the PC at home.
  6. The desire to pursue higher education is getting weaker.
The Trend in Elementary School Students
  1. More students take their classes seriously.
  2. More students feel that classes are easy.
  3. Students like using the PC in their study.
The Trend in Junior High School Students
  1. Students do less of the troublesome study.
  2. Concerns over study are increasing.
  3. The desire to enter a "good" senior high school/four-year college is getting weaker.
The Trend in Senior High School Students
  1. Self-evaluation of school results is getting lower.
  2. Non-class-related work and unnecessary talking during classes are decreasing.
  3. Students who read news columns in the newspapers are remarkably decreasing.
  4. Less pressure from parents and teachers.
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