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Japanese Education Today II

January, 2001 The Role of the Education Researcher
December, 2000 Worrisome Numbers: The Increase in High School Graduates in "Unspecified Career Paths"
November, 2000 The Potential of Education in Japan
October, 2000 The Distance Between Educational Reform and Education in the Classroom
September, 2000 Encountering Ambiguous Language: A Recommendation for "Forbidden Words"
August, 2000 "Or" and "And": Simplified Rules that Make Debate on Education Unproductive
July, 2000 Thinking about "Why" Questions On a Meta Level
June, 2000 Responsibility for the Future
The Inertia of "Common Sense": Do We Really Lack Flexibility?
May, 2000 Responsibility for the Future: What Education Can and Cannot Do
April, 2000 Idealist and Realist Theories: Questioning and Theorizing about Education

Takehiko Kariya
Sociologist of education; Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University. Books include "Gakko tte Nandaroo" (What is School?) published by Kodansha Publishing Company.
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