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Kodomogaku Kotohazime (1998-2000)

(Translated from ZENSHIGAKU_NEWS PAPER, 1998-2000) Interdisciplinary approach to early child care and issues that youth face in the Japanese society. These articles were published as newspaper articles and posted in the CRN Japanese language web site.

Children are Our Future: The Human Science of Mother and Child, MediScience sha (2000-2006)

Articles on infant child rearing will be updated every month. These articles were excerpted from a book written by Dr. Kobayashi and posted in the CRN Japanese language web site.

Dialogues with and contributions from Specialists - Exploring new area in Child Science (1993-2007)

Discussions on the latest research in neurology, robotics, anthropology, technology and other leading-edge fields and their relation to Child Science (2000-2007), and various contributions from the director and other Specialists on Child Science.