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Multi-Domain Approach to Nurture Social and Emotional Skills--Play, Media, and Inclusion (The 19th PECERA International Conference 2018)

Nurturing social and emotional skills is now known to be equally important as cognitive skills for all children to become competent adults.
Play and media are among the most influential factors for general child development as well as the development of social and emotional skills. Conversely, developmental disabilities are thought to hamper these developments.
The inference of the above presumption would be that social and emotional skills of children could be promoted by the alteration of these environments.

We hosted an interdisciplinary, international conference (Child Research Network Asia) to obtain useful suggestions as to the above issues by inviting specialists, educators and researchers relevant to these fields.
Three panelists for each three fields: play, media, and inclusive care/education were asked to talk freely about their concerns and thoughts with special respect to social and emotional skills.

We formulated hypotheses for each field as below:
  1. Self-motivated play will facilitate the development of social and emotional skills, and thus promote self-motivated learning.
  2. Digital medias will contribute to enhance social and emotional skills if used properly.
  3. Inclusive approach to children with special needs will lead to the promotion of social and emotional skills through scaffolding children's self-esteem.
Presenters' comments consisting of talks delivered by nine specialists, three moderators and three keynote speakers were analyzed through documenting the above as an archive, from which relevant phrases were extracted and linked with the hypotheses.
We will present the revised hypotheses, and useful suggestions extracted from the archive.
Poster presentation

Presented at the 19th Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association International Conference (PECERA 2018) held in Kuching, Malaysia, July 6-8, 2018.


Junko_Ogawa.jpgJunko Ogawa

Child Research Net (CRN) Researcher, Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute (BERD) Researcher. After joining Benesse Corporation in 2004, she was involved in training teachers, developing lesson curriculums, etc., at to the Kid’s English School Department and then was assigned to the Global Education Business Department. Since 2013, she is in charge of CRN.
Her past major studies are as follows:
Child Research Network Asia (CRNA) (FY2016- )
Research on Early Childhood Education and Care (FY2013-2015)
Child Science Exchange Program in East Asia (FY2013-2014)
The Japanese Society of Child Science 10th Anniversary International Symposium on Children’s Welfare and their Rights (FY2013)
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