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Questionnaire on Daily Life of Children in Japan II(Index)

This article is an excerpt and translation of
Benesse Educational Research Center, Dainikai yoji no seikatsu anke-to,
Kenkyu shoho, Vol. 22. Tokyo: Benesse Corporation, 2000.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Survey

II. Survey Outline
1. Survey Objective
2. Survey Period
3. Survey Subjects
4. Survey Regions
5. Survey Method
6. Sampling Numbers
7. Basic Attributes

<Reference> Previous Survey Outline

III. Summary

IV. Chapter One: Daily Life of Children

<Reference> Definition of Terms

1. Lifestyle
(1) Sleep Cycles
(2) Meals
(3) Outdoor Activities
2. Education and lessons
3. Family life
(1) Watching Television
(2) Watching Videos
(3) Consumer Items in the Home
4. Play
5. Parent/Guardian's views on education

V. Chapter Two: Mother's views on employment, housework and child rearing
1. Home life, views on employment
2. Mother's child rearing stress
3. Mothers' comments on child rearing

VI. Chapter Three: Father's involvement
1. Level of father's involvement
2. Comparison of father's involvement by attribute
3. Wishes for father's involvement
4. Father's involvement and mother's child-rearing anxiety

VII. Chapter Four: Child rearing support
1. Childcare facilities
2. Advice on child rearing
3. Wishes regarding kindergarten/day-care centers

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