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CRN English website renewal

When CRN was founded in 1996, we launched our English website, almost simultaneously with the start of the Japanese website.  This was because we felt the need for a truly international forum where issues affecting children around the world, not just in Japan, could be discussed by scholars, researchers, and professionals.

In the fifteen years since, CRN's English website has become a place where specialists from various fields exchange views from the comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective of Child Science.  The results have been invaluable.  Through discussion from diverse cultural viewpoints, we have learned from one another and found new solutions.

And now, CRN is renewing the English website to reflect the changes that have taken place in the past fifteen years and make it easier to use.  

The new website is expected to generate even more dialogue among the scholars, researchers, and professionals who are working on children's issues and spur solutions to create a better future for all of us. We hope that you will continue to extend your support and cooperation to CRN.

Noboru Kobayashi
Director, CRN

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