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Basic Survey on Study in Japan III - Preface


Since its establishment in 1980, Benesse Educational Research Center has conducted surveys focusing on various aspects of education with the purpose of doing research on how to improve children's lives and how their educational environment should be, the results of which have been made widely public through lectures, symposiums and publications such as the "Monograph", a report on the Actual Conditions Survey for elementary, junior and senior high schools, as well as the Shinken News for teachers of junior high schools.

The purpose of The Third Basic Survey on Study is to grasp a child's/student's consciousness/actual condition regarding STUDY. The First (in 1990), and the Second (in 1996), have questions fairly similar to those of this year's (2001) and the cooperation of mostly the same schools have been obtained. For that reason, it has been possible to accurately grasp the changes that the children have undergone in time. Also, as elementary, junior and senior high school students from all over the nation have been the subject of each edition, the ability to see differences among each academic level has become a big characteristic.

Furthermore, a Survey on Academic Degree of Attainment (Japanese Language and Arithmetic/Mathematics) is being conducted on some of the children/students who have been subjects of this survey.

We would be grateful if the results of these surveys could be of use in everyday educational practice, research and other surveys.
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