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[YRP Students' Essays] My English Goal

After living in New Jersey for six years, I came back to Japan when I was six years old. Since then, I have tried hard to study English by taking lessons at an English school, watching English movies and TV programs, and reading English books. My dream then was to go to Doshisha International Junior High School. Now my dream has come true, and my next goal is to have a job where I can use my English skills.

I am very interested in fashion, and I wish that I could have a job which is related to fashion, such as the editor of a fashion magazine, a stylist, or an event planner. In the current world, the fashion industry has become global and borderless. Therefore, English is extremely necessary for fashion-related jobs. To negotiate with foreign people, English is the best language for communication because English is the common language of the whole world. I want to improve my English and get a fashion job where my skills can be used. If I get the job that I want in the future, I would like to use my English and negotiate with many foreigners and have a great time working.

To get a job in the fashion industry, I need to improve my skills with much effort. Now, my knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is very poor. Vocabulary and grammar are important for writing a great essay or giving a good speech because if you don't know the exact words you cannot explain what you think. Also, if you are too weak to communicate, it is impossible to negotiate with foreigners. To get a fashion job, I have to improve my weak points.

To improve my vocabulary and grammar, I would like to read many books. I can learn new words and the correct grammar from them because reading books are a perfect way to increase our knowledge about words and phrases. In addition, I can enjoy the story, so I will never become tired of studying. Reading English newspapers might be good, too, because English articles are the top level of English and they are well organized. It might be too hard for me, but I would like to try and do the best I can. Also, taking tests like Eiken, TOEIC, and TOEFL is good for my study English, too. Noticing my level of English motivates me and makes me think that I need to develop my English. I can learn new words and correct my grammar, so I think these tests will improve my skills. From now on, I would like to challenge the upper grades of the tests and get good scores because these tests could become important qualifications for me. Therefore, when I try to get a job, they will help me.

To improve my weakness in English communication skills, I need opportunities to talk in English. For example, I will try to talk in English with my sister, friends, or teachers. I went to San Francisco this spring to study English, and I home-stayed with an American family. First, I was shy and I did not have confidence in my English, so I could not speak up. However, during the stay, I thought that being shy would not make my English better, and I started to speak up and tried not to be scared of my mistakes. Then I could make friends and enjoy myself. I learned that courage is important to communicate. Therefore, from now on, I would like to have more chances to communicate in English with people.

To have the perfect English skills that are necessary to get a dream job might be difficult for me, but I would like to keep trying and never give up. I wish I could become more confident of myself and my English, too. The good thing about learning English is that I can grow up intellectually, too. When I practice to communicating in English, I learn that I have to change my character to be more bright and stop being shy. I would like to learn more new, beautiful English and improve my weakness and make my dream come true. If I can get a fashion job, I will communicate with many foreign people and enjoy working in the fashion-business world. Now, I feel confident of myself, and I believe that I can do anything.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Kimie Osawa, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.

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