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[YRP Students' Essays] My Treasure

"I want to be a translator." "I want to be a diplomat."
Some students have far-reaching goals like these. Honestly, I do not have these far-reaching goals yet. However, I really have the determination to learn English. I have two main reasons for that. First of all, English is a special language for me, and second of all, I think that English can broaden my world.

As I mentioned previously, English is a very special language for me. English is like my second mother language. Because I went to the U.S. when I was three years old, and that there were only a few Japanese (or other foreigners) in my school, I felt like I was growing up as an American. To tell the truth, I did not like it when there was something that proved that I was 100% Japanese. It seems so strange if I think about it today, but it tells me that I was really attached to the U.S., and to English also. I used Japanese only in my house, and I didn't go to any Japanese schools. Therefore, when I use or learn English today, lots of memories always come with it. English is like a favorite old blankie to me ? it's something that I have always used and have many precious memories in it; and I still want to keep using it.

Also, by learning English, the international common language, I think that I can broaden my world. Even though I do not have a specific goal for the future yet, I can make many possibilities by learning more and more about English. If I study harder, I will have the opportunity to study abroad, to work abroad, or have a chance to be a translator. Even if my future career does not have to do directly with English, there will be many advantages to knowing it. For example, if I take a job at a company that sells things, I can be in charge of trade abroad using my English knowledge. Anyway, English can broaden my opportunities.

Not only could English broaden my opportunities, but it could also broaden my point of view. Since English is the international common language, I am able to know the views of all kinds of people ? from different countries, cultures, customs, etc. However, Japanese is mainly spoken by Japanese. So, if I knew only Japanese, I would not be able to look from other countries' views, and I would not be able to come up with innovative ideas. As a returnee, I think it is very important to contrast Japanese views and views from other countries. By actually thinking, studying, and contrasting many views, it makes me feel that I am connected to the world, which makes me have more interest to the world, and which makes me to feel that I need to support this world in the future. Therefore, knowing English will widen my vision and encourage me to have interest in the world.

As I have mentioned, English is a precious part of me, and I know that learning English will well-fill my life. But the problem is: How will I develop my English? As I have said, I have not decided my far-reaching goals yet, but I do have many small goals. They are: to get all fives in English, to get Eiken grade one in the near future, and lots of other goals. In order to accomplish these goals, I will always do my best in English class, I will read many English books as much as I can, and I will be very careful to speak English with my friends as much as possible.

I really think that my experience abroad is a precious gift for me, and I certainly do not want to waste it. So, I will make every effort to accomplish my "small" goals, and to be a full bilingual. Also, I will challenge myself with my other goal: to find a huge goal that fits me perfectly. And I believe that I can find that matches to me in Doshisha International.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Shiori Kusuda, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.

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