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[YRP Students' Essays] Why Biculture?

To have only one culture in yourself, or to have two different cultures in yourself: which is the better choice? By having only one culture in yourself, you will never lose your roots and can respect your roots. However, by having two different cultures in yourself, you can broaden your own world. Both opinions have merits and demerits.

Having only one culture in yourself, you will not lose your roots. Roots are important to each person. Roots make people's personalities. People can change in many ways depending on their culture. Also, if the culture is unstable for people, people will lose their personalities. If people have only one culture in them, people do not need to be confused and can have specific roots. On the other hand, if people have two different cultures in them, their roots may be unstable. Two different cultures will be mixed together and make people confused. Therefore, having two different cultures might kill people's personalities.

Thinking about having two different cultures, there is a big disadvantage. There is a possibility of people losing their roots by having two different cultures. Each culture may kill the other. Also, by having another different culture besides your original culture, your original culture, which is your roots, might be killed by another different culture and you will lose your own roots. From this, there is a possibility of people losing their roots by having two different cultures. People should respect their roots more. Roots give us lots of memories. Roots brought us up, and gave us many treasures. Roots are connections between families and relatives. People should never lose their roots.

So far, having two different cultures, which means to be bicultural, appears to be bad. However, being bicultural does not always have to be bad. By being bicultural, you will have an opportunity to know about many different worlds. You can broaden your own world. It is important for us to be able to think about a lot of matters in many other ways. You will be able to understand many different people's thoughts. Also, you can understand about many foreign countries' cultures. People struggle when they try to understand foreign countries' cultures. This may connect to arguments between countries. If the worst happens, the argument will develop to war. People need to understand many different cultures. Therefore, being bicultural is very important. You can be a person of large caliber.

Why should people be bicultural? Why should people not be bicultural? Neither opinion is wrong. It is not possible to say which the better opinion is. The important point is to be bicultural and understand many other cultures. Being bicultural makes you bigger. However, you should not be completely bicultural and lose your roots. You have to keep your roots and be bicultural. Do not stick with one culture. You can have a lot of cultures inside yourself.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Kazuki Yoshida, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.
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