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[YRP Students' Essays] My Best Memory in America

I think the experience at summer school in America which I joined this summer will be my best memory in life. I met many people who have other culture. I joined the summer school of Phillips Academy which is a famous school in America.

First week, I didn't like Phillips Academy and I thought this 5 weeks will be terrible for me but it was very nice 5 weeks. I studied a lot, and I played a lot too. I was doing something all the time and there was no time to feel bored. I met many people and got to know each other, but I know there is no one who I can meet easily because everyone is from the place far from Japan. But I want to keep in touch with all of my friends in there, and I hope I can meet with them someday.

I felt other country's people speak a lot even they can't speak English well. Japanese people don't say their opinion in the class, but other people like European speak a lot. First I thought they are so good at English but I realized that their English skill is like same level as me. European people speak what they thought before thinking about grammar or vocabularies. I thought this is why European people are good at studying language and Japanese are not.

I made many friends there, and enjoyed a lot. Before going to Phillips Academy, I didn't like to study English but it has changed after coming back from the summer school. I couldn't understand why we have to study English before. But now, I found the answer of that. We study English to make friends. Some people might think it is too easy but I think it is enough reason to make me study English. Many people speak other language for first language but we can take communication and be friends if we talk English. In Phillips Academy, I talked English with my friends, but sometimes I felt difficult to explain my opinion in English. So I thought I want to improve my English, and I have to study English for it. I will try not to forget this feeling and try to improve my English. This is what I felt by seeing, hearing, touching foreign culture. I changed my mind about English because I studied with European people in same classroom, and saw their forwardness. I thought speaking English even if I didn't know the correct way to say is the most important thing to improve my English.

I have many other opinions which I thought during summer session, but the forwardness of speaking English and joining the class is the biggest difference between Japan and other countries.

I feel very happy that I could spend very nice time in Phillips Academy Summer Session. This will be my best memory in my life. I do not want to forget what I felt in America, while being in other culture.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Mami Goto, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.
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