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[YRP Students' Essays] Great Patriot Is Here!

The importance of roots is that they make you original in global life. That means that if everyone in international school has the same roots, it would be boring when observing them.

When I went to international school in Cuba, people acted in a way that my friends in Japan have never acted before. It was like seeing creatures from outer space. For example, people in the school kissed on each other's cheek when greeting. I was shocked and got a little bit happy when a cute Norwegian and another Italian girl greeted me in that way. Of course, people in Japan do not do that. Japanese people make a deep bow to each other. It is true that I got happy when greeted in the way people in the international school sometimes did. However, I prefer the way Japanese people greet. I do not know why I like bad looking greeting more than kissing each other's cheek. Maybe it is because I am a pure-blooded Japanese. I love the way Japanese people greet. It is fun to see. For example, when somebody meets a neighbor, first he or she bows and then the neighbor bows next and they continue doing that so they look like woodpeckers.

Before going to Cuba, I always heard from people in Japan that foreigners tell their opinions clearly. In Japan, people usually do not tell their opinions well. I was at a loss when seeing people in the international school telling their opinions strongly. It was easy to understand what they wanted to do, and it seemed strong. However, I love the way Japanese people tell their opinions awkwardly more than the way foreigners do. The reason why I like the way of Japanese is that I do not want people to tell their opinions directly. Sometimes that hurts my feeling.

I love the way Japanese act more than the way foreigners act because I was born in Japan and lived in those conditions of the way people act. So, the environment made me love Japan and its originality naturally. That is what we call our "roots". Roots are something you gain naturally and are original. Their originalities are different in every different country. So, it is great to have roots! Or else there will be no originality of your home country. No originality means not interesting.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Ryo Yasui, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.
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