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[YRP Students' Essays] Japanese Spirits

Have you ever thought about girls' real faces? In Japan we have girls who use a lot of make-up. Many girls look so pretty, but we forgot about their real faces. In the twelfth grade at Doshisha International High School there are about one hundred and fifty girls. Almost all the girls use make up when they go to school. Just a few of them make up their faces like other people. I can't imagine what they feel like. Also in Shibuya and in many big cities, there are many girls who transform their faces with cosmetics. I approve of making up their faces, but sometimes I see girls with dark skin, silver eyelids and yellow hair. They also speak in very loud voices. I can't agree with their fashion. They are called "Yamauba Make." Yamauba is a scary woman that lives in the mountains. This make-up makes a very fearful face. Why do they make up like this? Many people think the same as me. I think pretty women should just make up their faces a little bit. If they use a lot of make-up, I can't think they are beautiful.

This is my prejudice, but I feel Yamauba girls are very scary. When they go back home the girls have fights with their parents. The parents don't feel good about their daughters' make-up. I don't feel good looking at their faces. I can't believe they think themselves pretty. I want to see their real faces. Why do the Yamauba girls use so many cosmetics to dress up their faces? In Japan many boys like white faces, white skin, and long black hair. This is the image of a pretty Japanese woman. In the Edo era many women didn't make up their faces. Some women made up their faces with white face powder. This was the image of beauty in the Edo era. Many Japanese forget about this. In the Edo era a woman's standard characteristic was to be still. Women who spoke in a loud voice were considered bad.

Nobody wants to marry a loud-voiced girl. I don't want be friends with them ever. I think Yamauba destroys the history of Japan. In the history of Japan, I never heard of women making themselves up to look very fearful. Girls don't use their natural faces. I think Yamauba girls can be naturally beautiful by using just a little bit of cosmetics. Some young men make up their faces in the Yamauba style. Long flamboyant colored hairstyles, dark skin, and baggy suits. Baggy suits limit their movement. They can't run rapidly. This is a problem. Many Japanese boys forget to appeal to girls with their own characteristics. Girls and boys have favorite characteristics. I want to use my own natural born face. They just want to stand out in a large city. So they change hair color easily.

Women sometimes have orthopedic surgery on their faces when they want to be beautiful. Every year the number of women who have orthopedic surgery is increasing. They take freckles from their face, try to make their nose high, fix the wrinkles on their faces. I have seen a movie called "Face Off." In this movie a policeman exchanges faces with a bad guy perfectly to stop a bombing. This movie made a big impression on my brain.

Woman can change and become like other people with surgery. I can't think why. I know women want be beautiful forever. This is just an illusion in women's minds. Everybody will grow old. People will be old sooner or later. It is destiny. Nobody in the world can stop time. We should just give up thinking about our age. This orthopedic surgery needs much money. "It's a secret that makes a woman a woman." Women try to hide their real face. They are scared to show their natural faces to people. When a man chooses a woman to marry, if two women's characteristics are the same, the man will choose the woman who is prettier. Beauty makes people happy. If I see beautiful woman in the morning, I am very glad. I can be very happy that day. So, they want be make a fuss of their looks, but I don't think Yamauba make-up is pretty. Of course I will be unhappy when I see their looks. When all Japanese women become Yamauba I will cry every day. We sometimes forget what is most important in our life. This is my answer. Our own life is the most important thing in this world. We should take care of our bodies. I know women want to be beautiful, but I want to say to them - do not alter your body. These problems are causing other problems. In Tokyo, some young girls and boys tortured a man and stole his money. Girls are kicked out of home because of their fashion. They have fights with their parents, then run away from home. In the big city, some boys and girls were charged with bodily injury to a salary man. These crimes are increasing every year in Japan. Every year in Japan, young people's morals are decreasing at a very fast pace.

There are many ways to appeal to others without using cosmetics. One way is to wear Japanese "yukata", light cotton kimono for summer. Another way is to show our own characteristics. Woman should strive to look beautiful. I want to show many people my own characteristics and natural face. A natural face can tell most what great people we are.

Child Research Net would like to thank the Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School and Sho Takase, student and author, for permitting reproduction of this article on the CRN web site.
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