20th Anniversary of CRN

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of CRN

CRN was established in 1996 as a web-based Child Science research institute.
Our 20th anniversary is totally attributed to all of our contributors.

Director's GreetingHonorary Director's Greeting

Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)

Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)

Upon celebrating the 20th anniversary,
we have launched the “Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)”
to find keys to the solution of issues involving children in Asia.

N.B.- "CRN Child Science Exchange Program in Asia" has changed its name to
"Child Research Network Asia (CRNA)" as of March 19th, 2018.

CRN Round Table Talk

CRN Round Table Talk

In celebration of the 20th anniversary, we hosted a round table talk
to discuss the developments of child research over the past years
and look towards a new future with Dr. Yoichi Sakakihara (current Director),
Dr. Noboru Kobayashi (founder and Honorary Director), and Dr. Takemochi Ishii (Special Advisor).

Greetings from Researchers around the World

Greetings from Researchers around the World

Researchers from around the world who support the activities at CRN
have sent us greeting messages about issues involving children
looking at ten to twenty years toward the future, and what they expect from CRN.


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