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Annual Child Science Conference 2003

Inaugural Meeting
Date: Nov. 29 (Sat), 2003
Location: Shirayuri College

This inaugural meeting marked the establishment of the Japanese Society of Child Science as a forum for researchers in various disciplines, child-care professionals, and product designers to share views on children's issues from interdisciplinary perspectives.

The highlight of the inaugural was the symposium and discussion on the "Potential for Bridging the Humanities and the Sciences." The lively discussion underscored the exciting potential of Child Science in future research on child growth and development. Modern disciplines that take human beings as their subject are premised on a simplistic dichotomy of the mind and body, with the humanities studying the mind, and natural scientists, the body, but the behavior and emotions of children, which follow their own logic and are difficult to analyze scientifically, are not always amenable to conventional approaches. Child Science focuses diverse approaches on the common subject of children, making it a significant step in the study of children. The meeting was an occasion to examine how different disciplines can be linked to solve common issues involving children and the future of Child Science.

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