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What is Playshop? Find that out in here's my story.
I. hear my story
A discussion of the meaning of being playful through Playshop.

1. Preface
1) Our Hopes for Playshop 1999
2) Interview Project: What is Playful?

2. Playshop Day
1) Interview with Guest Commentators
2) Concept Book "Playful Pieces"

3. Epilogue - Playful Beginning
1) Post-Playshop Dialog
2) Short Stories... by the Participants
3) Playshop Design for the Future

II. here's my story
A summary of Playshop day.

1. Basic Information on Playshop 1999
Child Research Net held a Playshop (workshop) on November 28, 1999 called "Playshop 1999" at Benesse Corporation in Tama City, Tokyo, Japan. More than 150 people, consisting of children, parents and educators, moved their whole bodies and used their imagination to engage in various activities.

1) Playshop Story
2) Photos of Playshop Day
3) Photos of Playshop Reflection Boards
4) The Making of Playshop 1999
2. Profiles
1) Playshop Designers (in alphabetical order)
MUDPIE unlimited:
Yoshiro Miyata Ph.D., Professor, Chukyo University
Miya Omori Ed.D., Child Counselor, Developmental Psychologist
Lehan Ramsay, Artist, Teacher at Doshisha International Jr/Sr High School
Nobuyuki Ueda Ed.D., Professor, Konan Women's University
Hillel Weintraub, Director, Communication Center, Teacher at Doshisha International Jr/Sr High School
2) Guest Commentators
Edith Ackermann Ph.D., Visiting Professor, MIT School of Architecture
Milton Chen Ph.D., Executive Director, The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Ruth Cox Ph.D., Actress, Educator, and Writer
Jogi Panghaal, Architect, Design Consultant at Lifetools
3) Guest Artists
Yuko Osada, Music Producer
Kanjiyama Mime, Pantomime Company
Haruki, Costume Designer
Ken Bushby, Stage Producer

4) Planning Cooperation Staff
Students and graduates of:
Chukyo University
Daito Bunka University
Doshisha International High School
Keio University
Konan Woman's University
Tama Art University


III. Dancing Dialog
Tell us your thoughts on "playful" and Playshop here in Dancing Dialog! This forum page is
available in both English and Japanese.

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