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Post-playshop Dialog

The day after Playshop, members of Playshop participated in a Post-playshop event to discuss the outcome of Playshop I and how to design a future Playshop.

0. Participants of Post-playshop

I. On the Bus... Transforming Travel... Here's my Story
1. Song and Dance in Daily Life: Transitional Objects
2. Bringing Children and Adults Together
3. Guided Participation at the Improv

II. Post-lunch Meeting, Reflection & Video Screening

III. Nature Break

IV. Pre-dinner Meeting
1. Playful Evaluation
2. The Meal as a Metaphor
3. Between Freedom and Constraint
4. Creativity as Playful Synergy

V. Post-dinner Meeting
1. Future Playshops: Length and Time Frame
2. A Role in Public Education?
3. What and How?
4. Musings on Museums
5. Tools and Schools

VI. Post-breakfast Meeting
1. Expressing Ourselves
2. The Teaching and Learning Infinitude
3. Back to the Future: Lessons from Traditional Japanese Culture and History
4. Situated Learning Goes Design: The Possibilities of "Situated Design"
5. Reflections and Insights into the Playful Century

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