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[ Planning Cooperation Staff ] *in alphabetical order

Students with playful spirits got together from different universities to make this playshop happen!
Cognitive Science Group, Chukyo University (club-C)

Major role at Playshop

For this group of Chukyo University students, playfulness is central to their idea of cognitive science as an interdisciplinary science concerned primarily with the mind. Most students are not members of Prof. Miyata's class, but do research in various fields such as education, learning, technology, philosophy and interfaces. Besides their various research interests, the students themselves have different personalities which makes the group very interesting.

What does your group expect from the playshop or hope to contribute?
The process of designing the playshop is similar to making a mudpie. We would like to make it into something that can be interesting and fun in all sorts of ways.

Staff members
Cumon, Taishi Ishikawa, Yuri Kato, Yuko
Kinoshita, Ryuta Morisita, Yasuhiro Togawa, Masako
Yamanaka, Yuya

Research Laboratory for Digital Learning Environments Group, Daito Bunka University

Major role at Playshop

We perceive "learning" as a metaphor to "meet the real self." This is because we think it is important to reflect on our style of learning and our real selves. We would like to use technology, such as computers, as a means of designing a learning environment that makes it possible for people to meet the real self.

What does your group expect from the playshop or hope to contribute?
We hope the participants feel they have had a very playful time and are very satisfied with it. We would like to share the playful atmosphere with everyone by running around together.

Staff members
Mochizuki, Rika Nakazawa, Mari Ooki, Yuriko
Sugiura, Emi Tsukahara, Junya

Graduates of Doshisha International High School (Hillel's Dancers)

Major role at Playshop
Cultural Interpreters and Playful Guides

Hillel's Dancers are all playful and thoughtful learners who have lived in different countries but have studied with Hillel at Doshisha International High School in Kyoto and are now doing various things!

What does your group expect from the playshop or hope to contribute?
I'd like to share and learn and entertain. I'm hoping that everyone could do that. (By Sakura)

I hope to absorb all that I can from the people that I meet and from the whole workshop. I've been away from exciting workshops for too long! Just hearing the word "PLAYFUL" makes me expect the unexpected!! (By Eiko)

My hopes and expectations are:
-meeting many people whose interests come together in the attempt to create an interactive, fun-filled learning environment.
-learning from and becoming part of creators of intriguingly holistic educational settings.
-exploring new hights in learning through enjoyment. (By Kana)

My hobby is to take pictures. Sometimes it takes guts to take people's pictures especially when I am traveling abroad. It is quite scary to go up to a person and talk to him/her (and often I do not know their language!) and set the big Nikon camera to the person! However, that scary part is also an exciting moment too because taking a step forward would also start a communication! That feeling makes me exicited. I hope I can experience that kind of excitement at the playshop too! (By Haruna)

To find a whole new different ME!!
And to re-find the playfulness in me. (By Mizuki)

Staff members
Hiraiwa, Sakura Ishikawa, Eiko Kinoshita, Kana
Kimura, Haruna Minakata, Mizuki Shirley

Shonan Fujisawa Campus Group, Keio University (Pyanko)

Major role at Playshop
Setting up multimedia equipment, broadcasting Playshop through the Internet

We are a group of students mainly from the Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) of Keio University. The name of our group is "Pyanko," which was taken from the leader's nickname. We are involved with Teen's Net on the CRN web site, and conduct research on how junior high and high school students use multimedia devices. We also take part in events such as the Multimedia Camp, where we have discovered new ways to play with multimedia by watching how children play with it, the Wearable Media Fashion Show, hip-hop dance parties, and talk shows.

What does your group expect from the playshop or hope to contribute?
We will mainly support the use of multimedia. We would like to provide you with the kind of multimedia that will accelerate the playfulness of the playshop. We are looking forward to seeing how you will use and react to our multimedia environment. You don't have to pay extra attention to us, but we are hoping to see many excited faces on the screen that day.

Staff members
Chuma, Naoko Chuma, Nozomi Kawamura, Motohiro
Sakai, Kumiko Sano, Kaoru Toyabe, Sakura

Prof. Ueda's Playful Learning Group, Konan Woman's University

Major role at Playshop
Planning the lunch menu

Prof. Ueda's class is where we design the ways of future learning. New ideas constantly bubble up like champagne. Each student is a designer and thinks of ways to connect different sources with ways to learn. With the energetic and positive mind of Prof. Ueda, we are creating new ways of learning. Cheers to playful spirits!

What does your group expect from the playshop or hope to contribute?
There are times when you need to learn by actually moving your body rather than thinking with your brain. We want to experience lots of things to make life more interesting. We want to discover new selves and also look back at our old selves by experiencing something unusual. We want the children to realize who they are as whole individuals and to be comfortable with themselves. We want people to learn how to convey their ideas to others. We don't want to judge whether a person's idea is right or wrong. We want people to have more confidence in what they say. We want to make the workshop into something that evolves into something unexpected.

Staff members
Ishikawa, Sayo Kawachi, Kumi Kawamura, Shinobu
Kono, Akiko Maki, Keiko Matsui, Makiko
Matsushita, Yuko Miyatani, Natsuyo Mizoguchi, Makiko
Morimoto, Atsuko Morishima, Miyuki Nakajima, Kanako
Shimada, Koto Takaba, Shizuka Takadera, Tomiko
Tsuji, Natsuko Watanabe, Sayaka Yasu, Sachiko
Yoshii, Chika

Department of Information Design Group, Tama Art University

Major role at Playshop
In charge of setting up Playshop site

Name: In charge of setting up Playshop site
Name of product: Puchi kurubushi (tentative)
Ingredients: Media, Music, Human Interface, Program, Sensors, etc (Additive-free).
Quantity: 8
Best before: Date on package
Keep in a cool place. Avoid sunlight, humidity and high temperature. Best consumed right after opening.
Produced by Department of Information Design Group, Tama Art University
If you are not satisfied with the product, return to the Customer Satisfaction Section.

What does your group expect from the playshop or hope to contribute?
Play with you
Learn with you
Feel with you
Play together
Learn together
Feel together
Play with everyone
Learn with everyone
Feel with everyone
While working with everyone, we want to find joy in the little things we usually take for granted like the air we breathe.

Staff members
Ishikawa, Emi Kawatani, Mina Nakamura, Takayuki
Nakamura, Yasuko Nishimori, Ikuma Ohshima, Mio
Seki, Kaori Yamazaki, Tomomi

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