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Colorful Kingdom attempted to stimulate the imaginations of the participating children on various levels. The children established a kingdom and made themselves its residents. Using colorful materials and decorative elements, they created their own clothes, hats, and masks for a visit to the King of the Colorful Kingdom.

This Playshop focused on stimulating children to act on their imagination. In particular, the program allowed time for them to explore and develop their creative desires by providing a wide range of colorful materials that were not confined to the usual paints and markers.
After registering, the children were each assigned an "older brother" or "older sister" who interacted with them until the program began and who would also observe and survey the participants. At the beginning of the program, children were given white fabric and a mask and sketched imaginative designs for their costumes. They then moved to the workshop space where they made the costumes, decorating them with colorful materials placed in the center of the room. They entered the kingdom in their designed costumes, took photographs on the colorful stage, and played with their "older brothers" and "older sisters."
Venue Plan

1. Introduction
Constructing the Colorful Kingdom is a collaborative effort and everyone is invited to join in creating a country full of fun. Participants design colorful clothes and masks to wear in the Colorful Kingdom.

2. Workshop Space
A wide range of the materials and methods are available to stimulate the imagination. The children dye paper and fabric with vegetables and flavorings and use scissors and other instruments to fashion the paper and cloth into creative costumes for the Colorful Kingdom.

3. Kingdom
Now it's time for the children to enter the Colorful Kingdom with all the wonderful garments and ornaments they have made. The children put on their creations and decorate the space with them. As residents of the Colorful Kingdom, the children use imaginative methods and means to create their kingdom.
13:30-14:00 Entering the Colorful Kingdom

After registration, each child is paired with an "older brother or sister" or facilitator who observes and studies reactions and interactions during the program. After the child and facilitator become familiar with each other, they enter the auditorium through a gate-like entrance together. In the Introduction corner, the children are given fabric and a mask that they will make into clothes befitting a resident of the Colorful Kingdom. After an explanation of the workshop space and the Colorful Kingdom that lie beyond the curtain, they begin designing their costumes, giving free rein to their imaginations as they think of what colors and patterns to use on the white fabric and masks.
14:00-15:00 Workshop Activities
All participants step into the workshop space as the curtain separating it from the Introduction corner opens. Paints, markers, vegetables, fruits, flowers, beads, colored tape, and other materials are placed in the center of the room, and with the help of the "older brothers and sisters" in the workshop, the children decorate and add color to their costumes, masks, and hats.
15:00 To the Colorful Kingdom

The narration begins and a servant of the King stands in front of the curtain with sweets in a necklace-shaped box containing the cards that will serve as passports to the Colorful Kingdom. The curtain opens to the music to reveal the Colorful Kingdom decorated with balloons and cotton wool. The children enter with their passports.
The children have their passport stamped by the King, making them official citizens of the Colorful Kingdom, and they begin to play.
15:30 Program Ending
The MC announces the end of the program. The children line up into front of the King for a group photo to commemorate the event.
15:30-15:40 Break
Participants take a break during which time they are free to continue playing in the Colorful Kingdom, have refreshments, go to the rest room, etc.
Staff members in charge of observing and conducting the survey interview the children. Meanwhile, children are also photographed individually in their costumes.
End of Survey and Program

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