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Main theme: "Joy in Creation and Watching"

Participants made an original movie by creating a character reflecting their dreams. The backgrounds were the universe, wild forest and the ocean. They created their own story by crafting a character and making an adventurous movie. They also experienced the fun of presenting their creations in media.

The program was flexible in organization of time and space so that children could express their self-motivation and creativity with excitement and enthusiasm. It emphasized interaction between staff and participants and allowed staff to give consideration to the inclinations of each child.

This playshop was held as the second session of a two-part playshop, the first of which was held the previous December. The program's activities incorporated (1) the cycle "creation - talking - reflection", (2) using five senses, (3) open structure that allows participants to come and go freely, and (4) intercultural communication.


After checking in, each facilitator paired with one participant. Gradually, the pairs crafted the characters and developed their relationships. After extended discussions about participants' dreams that were reflected in the making of the characters, the participants formed three adventure groups around the themes "ocean" "forest" and "the universe." The members of the groups became acquainted with each other over lunch. After lunch, filming was the main activity. During this time, character relationships were set and the story was constructed. At the end of the program, the participants and their parents enjoyed watching the movies.


Crafting Characters
Each child and facilitator formed a group. They crafted the characters for the movies. Easily obtained and familiar materials were prepared, such as wheat clay, lace, colored paper and yarn.
Before lunch, the three dioramas prepared by the staff were introduced. Participants chose a diorama to use in their movie and separated into three groups.
During lunch, participants enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere and became more acquainted with their artificial families. Participants also noted the appearance, taste, and smell of the dishes that stimulated the five senses.
- Dishes that staff members prepared were placed on the table in the center of the room.
- In each group, participants gathered by the table. The roles were decided within the groups, and they went to pick up their meals from the center table based on their roles.
- Food was placed on the table of each group. Participants shared the meal in groups. They served themselves, using colorful napkins and toothpicks.
- After the meal, all group members participated in clean-up.

Main Activity: Creating Movies
Children created original movies using the characters they had made and dioramas of the "ocean," "forest" and "the universe" as backgrounds. Each group worked on their story construction, the steps to filming, and the roles of each member in the group.
1. Explanation of the Movie Creation Method
The chairperson appeared and explained the method of creating a movie. The members in each group positioned the TV monitor and video camera and set up the cabin (simple little house made of cardboard) which was used as the movie set.
2. Mimicking Play
- Mimicking play using diorama and characters.
- Participants discussed the relations between the characters as they moved them around.
- Participants thought about the movements of the characters and props that characters might use as they moved the characters on the dioramas, watched on the TV monitor, and imagined how to construct the stories.
- Facilitators wrote down the relationship between characters and the plot which the children created.
3. Discussion
- All members in the group decided on a brief story.
- The approximate number of the cuts (scenes) was determined. About 3-5 cuts were expected to be used.
- Before shooting, decide which way to move the character.
- Members discussed the use of titles and the type of lettering.
4. Filming
- The filming proceeded one scene at a time, making sure that each scene was satisfactory before continuing to the next.
Presentation Time
Each group presented the movie. Parents and guardians were invited to watch the movies with their children.
Free Time and Questionnaire
- Participants enjoyed free time unrelated to story-making. Facilitators playfully interacted with participants as much as possible.
- In the last 30 minutes, the observing team explained the interview method to parents and guardians.
16:20 End, Sending off the Participants