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This Dancing Dialog BBS is in both English and Japanese since we would like many visitors as possible to think about the meaning of "playful" together. Post your comment in either language and CRN will translate into the other language.

What is a playful spirit? Try to remember a time when you were a child and totally absorbed in something. Your sensations, feelings, thoughts, curiosity, creativity, and the urge to explore all made up your playful spirit.

Each of us feels playful in response to different places, things and situations. So, how can we feel playful together?

Playshop is a place to express and experience this playful spirit with others. It invites you to experience a playful way of learning and living through improvisation.

Playshop is engagement, improvisation, creation, communication and reflection.

We think that combining these actions can make learning meaningful for each individual.

The playful spirit plays an important role in education, too. It stimulates independent discovery as we find evocative and provocative objects in our everyday environment and express our identity through them. Interacting with the world around us, we enrich and build up on our many stories. Interacting with each other as learners and teachers develops our senses and sensitivity.

We want to see Japanese education become more playful and hope to stimulate discussion on the issue in Playful Learning.

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