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Photos of Symposium Day

10:00 Opening

10:15 Keynote Address 1 "Is Parenting Diminished by Child Care? Relations Between Family Characteristics, Young Children's Experiences in Child Care and Children's Developmental Outcomes"

11:30 Keynote Address 2 Findings from "Questionnaire on the Daily Life of Young Children" and "Questionnaire by the Participants"
Sarah L. Friedman
Sarah L. Friedman, PH.D., NICHD
Yuko Takaki
Yuko Takaki, Koriyama Women's University

12:00 End of morning session

12:20 Lunch Talk
Participants gathering around Dr. Friedman
Participants gathering around Dr. Friedman

13:30 Panel Discussion "The Child Care Paradox: Choices in Children's Development"
Panel Discussion
After the four panelists made a presentation based on their field of research, the audience joined in and asked several questions. Lastly Dr. Friedman commented on some of the universally important criteria in child care.

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