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The Cultural Milieu of Child Care:
A Dialogue between Sarah L. Friedman, Ph.D. and Miya Omori, Ed.D.

The word, "child care" conjures up many images including working women, family, child care facilities, caretakers and choices to be made. However, when we think of these images, our first intuition, is to think about child care in one culture, probably our own. However, we tend to get our information about child care from academic journals, the internet and other types of media which may not always focus on our own cultures. Thus, we draw from the many examples around the world to try to mix and match what might work for our own society. Here, Sarah L. Friedman, Ph.D. and Miya Omori, Ed.D. discuss the meaning of child care in the United States and Japan.

Response to Miya:
Japanese mothers and American child care?

Sarah L. Friedman, Ph.D.
Comment to Sarah:
The Role of Women and the Socialization of Children in Japan and the United States

Miya Omori, Ed.D.

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