Child Research Net (CRN) is a non-profit, internet-based child research institute dedicated to the study of "Kodomogaku" or Child Science and operated as an activity of the Fukutake Education Foundation under the auspices of Benesse Corporation in Japan. Supported by Tama City Board of Education
CRN opened a space where children can experience a playful learning spirit in a closed down school in Tama, a suburb of Tokyo with a rich, natural environment. Here CRN has begun research on creating new learning spaces to bring children and their families together, forge ties between the school and the family, and allow children to design their own ways of learning.

Chi-kichi Room Children gather here twice a week for unstructured play.
Playshop Playshop of June 2001, Relations between Living Things, July 2001, Wishing on a Star, and August 2001, Cicada Adventure are updated!(6/21/2002)
Office Our staff at work.

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