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Main Theme: "Attach, Connect"

Participants experienced relationships among living creatures or human beings by becoming a cicada and feeling its growth, and by using magnets to see how things attract and attach. Children communicated with others freely. As a result, children's expressions and their relationships with others were created and defined the whole Playshop.


After checking in, parents and children were separated from each other, and all participants were divided into artificial families. In theme 1, "evolution", they attached themselves to Magnet Men in four colors. At the end of the activity, the groups of artificial families took on a natural formation. In theme 2, participants mimicked a cicada's life cycle, including the time it spends seven years in the ground. In the process, the participants felt the value of a cicada's life. In "cicada adventure," they did orienteering on the entire school grounds, and looked for materials to decorate their wings. After reflecting on the day on video, the participants wrote memories of the day on pieces of paper and pasted them to the cicada's tree.


10:00 Check-in
At the entrance, the participants put on nametags that were shaped like cicadas and joined a playful dance.
10:30-11:20 Main Session 1
Playful Dance: Let's Attach with Magnet Man and Rhythm with Bamboo Dance

1 Magnet Man
- Magnet Men in five colors appeared with reflectors (sticks with colors). They put reflectors on the participants' hands and feet.

- In the game, the Magnet Men skipped around and chased the participants. Two or three participants attached themselves to each other to form a group before attaching themselves to a Magnet Man.

- The participants played tag while holding hands. They were divided into five groups. After forming five groups, they sat in circles and the Magnet Men ran around them to the music. The Magnet Men stopped when the music stopped, and the color of Magnet Man who stood behind each group became the color of the artificial family.

2 Bamboo Dance
- The facilitator explained the rules. Each family made a bamboo dance rhythm. Each family received a board and pasted chopsticks on it to create a rhythm which they then presented to the others.

11:20-12:30 Main Session 2 Cicada Growth and Adventure
1. Introduction
After looking at a cicada's cast-off skin, the participants watched the growth of a cicada (egg, larvae, chrysalis, adult).

2. Cicada Growth
- Each participant made a bag out of newspaper and pretended it was an egg. At a cue from the facilitator, they broke out of the bag and emerged as larvae. As larvae, they then crawled into a net (ground) which was placed on the floor.

- Long life in the ground - Participants moved around the net and imagined how a larvae feels. At another cue, they moved onto the net or surfaced from beneath the ground.

- Emerging from a chrysalis - Time of silence. Participants focused their bodies and minds, using their five senses (or sixth sense) to generate energy for the next movement.

3. Cicada Adventure
Each group leader picked an adventure map at random. After putting on wings and headbands, the newly emerged cicadas attempted adventures in five zones. The objective was to create their wings, and to earn material for their wings, the families had to overcome many obstacles in these five zones that were set up both in and outside the school building.

Jump and pose: Language Lab
Bamboo dance: Hallway
Cicada song: Front of the flower garden
Big jump rope: Front of school gate
Cycling bar: Gym

Participants had not been specifically told about the nature of the surprise attack which occurred once every three minutes for a total of fives times.
4. Making Cicada Wings
- During creative time, participants colored and pasted paper on their wings or their family wings.

- The participants showed their wings and asked one another about their wings.

- Family photographs

12:30-13:30 Free Time (lunch)
Tables were set up in the hallway to turn it into a café terrace. Refreshments and drinks were served. Facilitators and participants interacted playfully. In the last fifteen minutes, the observers explained to the adults how to conduct the interview.


Reflection Time
- Participants watched a 3-minute video summary of the Playshop Day called Playshop News.

- Parents/guardians interviewed children about what they enjoyed most in the workshop.

- Participants were given a cicada-shaped piece of paper on which they wrote their memories and comments about the day and then put them on the tree. Photographs were taken.

- They formed a circle around the cicada tree and did a playful dance.

14:00 End