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Part-6?@Let's make media-poems!

Next, we used high-tech media to amplify and transform the sketches we had made at the river. The sketched images were turned into animation. Sketched sounds were reproduced aurally and sampled. Words were input into the computer, and the text was made to move about freely on the screen. With help from Ms. Yuko Osada, music designer, Mr.Furukata, computer designer, and animation by Sharp, the families made their own media pieces.

At 15:45, Media poem presentation and reflection. Now it was time to present our media pieces. First, the images started out as animation, and sound and text were then layered on. Using image, sound, and text, we created media poems in real time. Making and presenting these pieces simultaneously became a time to reflect on the day's experiences.

After returning to the museum, we created works from materials we had collected from outside.

Using a synthesizer and computer, we played with images of stones and made them change.

We selected a recorded image and added words.

We watched our completed works together.

There is my work.

We had a party and said good-bye.

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