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Part-4?@Face painting

Kanjiyama Mime led us in making different types of facial expressions: angry faces, crying faces, etc. We then went outside where we painted each other's faces in bright colors and recorded this on digital video. About 12:00 The staff arranged lunch, and the families and staff had lunch together. Then at 13:00,images of face painting from the morning were shown on a large screen like a flip-through comic.

No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4

We drew on each other's faces with a special kind of crayon.

What kind of face do I want?

Mom and Dad, I'm going to draw on your face!

There were so many different faces: happy faces, funny faces, scary faces.

Let's take photographs and a video!

We can look at them later.

After the Face Painting, we had lunch together.

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