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Basic Information

PLAYSHOP 2000 in Nagoya was held at Nagoya-Kokusai Center in Nagoya on July 21, 2000. It was a part of a two-day meeting called the "World Youth Meeting 2000 in Nagoya" in which many students from over a dozen high schools in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Germany and the US participated. Child Research Net was one of the sponsoring companies. The official homepage for World Youth Meeting 2000 is at http://www.japannet.gr.jp/w2000/ . The Playshop was held on the first day, July 22nd. The second day featured presentations from teams of high schools on what they had learned about one other by communicating over the Internet.

About one hundred people were present at the Playshop, including twenty student staff members from Chukyo, Doshisha, Tama, IAMAS, Kyoto Universities, and schools of nursing.

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