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Yukuo Konishi (Professor, Tokyo Women's Medical University)
 Honorary Director
Noboru Kobayashi, M.D. (Director of Child Research Net, Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo, President Emeritus of National Children's Hospital)
Tohshin Go (Associate Professor, Tokyo Women's Medical University)
 Number of Members
Registered number of members is 800 as of Oct. 2005. Include university researchers as well as pediatricians and specialists in child neurology, the cognitive sciences, behavioral genetics, developmental psychology, robotic engineering, and other diverse fields.
 Working Groups
The Japanese Society of Baby Science has four working groups focused on areas of specific interest: medicine, the behavioral sciences, engineering, and the policy sciences. Each working group studies infants from the framework and methodology of its respective science and aims to establish Baby Science as a comprehensive discipline that will combine the distinctive perspectives and knowledge of these fields in the future.
 Eligibility for Membership
Membership is open to anyone who is either engaged or interested in child-related research, in particular, infant studies, and who supports the objectives of the Society. Those wishing to join the Society are asked to provide the necessary information on the membership application form together with payment of the annual membership fee. Membership is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
 Annual Membership Fee
Full Membership: 5,000yen
Student Membership: 3,000yen

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