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PLAYSHOP (1999-2002)

Research report on Playshop, a workshop to design creative learning and child-rearing environments with the involvement of the family, school and community

  • Playshop 2000 in Nagoya (Jul.21, 2000)
    Playshop 2000 in Nagoya was held at Nagoya-Kokusai Center in Nagoya on July 21, 2000. It was a part of a two-day meeting called the "World Youth Meeting 2000 in Nagoya" in which many students from over a dozen high schools in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Germany and the US participated.
  • Playshop 2000 in Yoshino (Jul.2, 2000)
    Playshop was held at Neo-Museum in the beautiful natural environment of Yoshino, Nara on July 2, 2000. A total of six families participated, including children ages five to six. Playshop continued the concept of the first Playshop held in autumn 1999, but this time, we incorporated some high-tech activities that were not possible in the previous Playshop. The theme, "Feel the Media," focused on the act of experiencing with the five senses.
  • Playshop 1999 (Nov.28, 1999)
    Child Research Net held a Playshop (workshop) on November 28, 1999 called "Playshop 1999" at Benesse Corporation in Tama City, Tokyo, Japan. More than 150 people, consisting of children, parents and educators, moved their whole bodies and used their imagination to engage in various activities.