International Symposium 1998 TOP

Nobuyuki Ueda, Ed.D
Professor, Human Relations Department,
Faculty of Literature, Konan Women's University
E-mail: nobuyuki@konan-wu.ac.jp

Professor Ueda was born in 1950 in Nara Prefecture. After graduating from Doshisha University in 1973, he studied at the Central Michigan University Graduate School and the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, where he obtained his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.). He then served as a full-time lecturer at Tezukayama Gakuin University, before becoming Professor in the Human Relations Department at Konan Women's University. He specializes in educational technology. His main publications include Japanese Children's Personal Theories of Intelligence: A Developmental Study, A New Learning Environment?The NeoMuseum/Children's Media Museum, and Design of Learning Environments.

Under the tutelage of Professor Gerald Lesser at Harvard University, Professor Ueda studied the formative research method for the development of educational programs through work on developmental research for Sesame Street. After returning to Japan, he joined the development research team of the Together with Mom research group for 2-year-old children at NHK. In 1981, he again traveled to the United States, this time studying under researcher Carol S. Dweck, who works with the theory of cognitive motivation with whom he undertook research on children's personal theories of intelligence. Upon returning to Japan, he became responsible for teaching the Educational Technology at Konan Women's University, and has conducted practical research on the design of learning environments and media education. He built the NeoMuseum along the Yoshinokawa in Nara Prefecture as an experimental studio for this purpose, and has designed nearly 50 experimental workshops there since 1990. Major workshops have included Human-Powered Computing, Soundscape Design, and Reflective Design '97.

For one year from 1996, Professor Ueda worked as a guest researcher at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education on such topics as "Expression and Technology," and "The Internet and the Design of Learning Environments." He is currently a member of the Concept Advancement Committee of the Kobe International Multimedia & Entertainment Education City (KIMEC).

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