International Symposium 1998 TOP

Shinichi Takemura, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Tohoku University of Art and Design
(Cultural Anthropology, Information Environment Theory)


Professor Takemura was born in 1959 in Osaka. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Tokyo, then completed his doctoral course in cultural anthropology in the graduate school of the same university. After completing research on Asia and social development projects as Assistant Professor for the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, he took up his current post (in charge of cultural anthropology, international social theory, technology theory, design culture theory) in 1992. Professor Takemura produced the Sensorium exhibit (the theme being Japan) for the Internet World Expo (IWE '96) was awarded the Grand Prix in the Internet division for electronic art, called Ars Electronica. The internet and computer graphics(CG) were used for demonstrating the real-time visualization of worldwide earthquake activity for searching the possibilities of a new global awareness (the URL is http://www.sensorium.org). His published works include Discovering a New Human Race (Iwanami Koza Cultural Anthropology: Vol. 1), The Nature and Culture of Family (Hiroi Bundo), The Externalized Brain (Yushi Co.), and Multivalue Society (Nikkei Shimbun Co.).

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