International Symposium 1998 TOP

Ms. Maki Nakagaki

Shinkenzemi 84 Net

There are currently 3.7 million members, from ages 0 to 18 years old, using the Shinkenzemi home study system. While the present method is still centered on the paper medium, with a variety of monthly supplements "Challenges"(a magazine for high school students) and problems for teacher correction we feel the use of computers and network media will connect members and will give a significant new meaning to membership.

Junior and senior high school students particularly find it meaningful to have friends of the same generation. The 84 Net examined the meaning of communication between and among peer groups and how this can enhance the Shinkenzemi curriculum. The 84 Net is a network of Shinkenzemi members born in 1984 (currently first-year junior high school students).

The 84 Net was a place where first-year junior high youngsters could venture opinions and let us know how the room is being used. It is our hope that it will help junior high school students in thinking about the meaning and role of such a "place." I would like to report on this research project which began in June 1997 and ended in August 1997.

Note: "Shinkenzemi" is a correspondence education program for pre-school through high school children.

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