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Learning to Learn

The Kids of the '90s: Learning to Learn
with Multimedia Internet Technologies

Idit Harel, Ph.D., President & CEO, MaMaMedia

CRN Symposium: The Evolution of Child Development in a Multimedia Environment. Tokyo, January 22, 1998, 2:30-3:00

In the 1990's, Kids are growing up literally surrounded by new technologies and multimedia experiences. For these kids, most of the technologies that we adults find surprising or even incredible are a part of their everyday landscape, a fact of life. As these technologies become more and more important in kids' lives, adults will spend more and more time trying to figure it all out.

Currently, a great deal of research and discussion has gone into creating a picture of what kids are doing with multimedia these days, where they are doing it, and even why they are doing it.

We are often asked - is it good for kids to go online? Does spending time on a computer alter their intellectual and social development?

These are very important questions for all of us to continue to research and discuss. However, in these discussions, a key element is often overlooked. We must ask ourselves, do we have a solid understanding of the kids themselves? Who are these "digital kids"?

In this talk, I will focus on this last question: who are these kids that are growing up and learning with multimedia technologies? what is different and special about them? and - most importantly for us - how can we build the best multimedia learning experiences for them?

What is already happening now and what could be our message regarding their future?


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