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Mr. Nobuo Isshiki
Chief Producer, NHK Satellite Broadcast Division


Mr. Isshiki was born in Tokyo, Mr. Isshiki graduated from Keio University. He currently works in production planning for television programs at NHK. He has produced educational programs including Rejecting Standardized Education and Heisuke Hironaka's Educational Adventure, the "NHK Special; Babies", special programs for NHK's educational channel including The Computer Age, and children's programs such as Together with Mom. He has applied the computer graphic techniques which resulted from cooperative research between NHK and MIT in his programming. Mr. Isshiki also works with developing new media such as multimedia and virtual reality. He is a member of the Research and Development Committee for Young Children's Educational Programming/Research Committee for Programs for One-Year-Old Children, and a member of the Children's Media Committee.

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