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Takemochi Ishii, M.D., Ph. D.
Professor, Politics and Media Research Center,
Keio University Graduate School

Dr. Ishii was born in 1930 in Osaka. Professor Ishii graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine in 1954, and the Mechanical Engineering division of the University of Tokyo Engineering Department in 1957. He then received a doctorate degree in engineering after completing the doctorate course at the University of Tokyo in 1963, and obtained a post as a full-time lecturer there. At the same university, he became Assistant Professor in 1964 and Professor in 1973. In 1991, he was named Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo. He also served as Professor in the Environmental Information Department of Keio University, and in 1994 became Professor in the Policy and Media Research Center at the Keio University Graduate School in 1994, where he continues to work today.

Professor Ishii has specialized in the fields of systems engineering, medical engineering, industrial and social systems, production control, mechatronics, new traffic systems, industrial location, and multimedia.

His papers have received an award from the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and the 39th Mainichi Cultural Award (Human Science, 5 vols, Nakayama Shoten). He has also received commendation as an Individual Contributing to the Advancement of Information (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and the Meritorious Services Award for Design Engineering Systems Division (Japan Mechanical Society).

Professor Ishii has served as Chairman of the Postal Services Committee, and as a member of the Public Welfare Committee and the National Diet Transferral Committee.

His published works include How Science and Technology Are Changing the Human Race, A Theory of New "Hardware" for Civilization, New Century for Japan, The Advance of Fractal Concepts, A Theory of Multimedia Civilization, A Theory of Internet Evolution, Synergetic Vision, High-Tech Artisans, and In Search of the Origins of Japanese Technology.

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