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Virtual Sensitivity

Your Virtual Come True!

The Day an Elementary School was connected to the Internet
Mr.Shinichi Someoka
Yasuda Women's University, Literature Department, Children Education
Member of Chugoku/Shikoku Internet Utilization for Education Research Group

(1) Dawn of the educational use of the Internet
1994 Suzuhari Elementary School UUCP Connection Project
1995 100-Schools Project
Launched homepage School@csi
Thousand Cranes Project
1996 Nagatsuka Elementary School Thousand Cranes Project
Yoshishima Higashi Elementary School Machinto Project
1997 Suzuhari Elementary School and Sansakachi Elementary School
Organized Haiku Get Togegher

(2) Suzuhari Elementary School was connected to UUCP in 1994,
- The eve of Internet boom
- Question raised; Can an ordinary elementary school be really connected to the internet? How?
- First Japanese elementary school to be connected to the Internet
- Message exchange by electoric mail
- Tentative homepage started within the site of Yasuda Women's University.
- The homepage received much attention because of its elementary status

(3) Hundred Schools Project in 1995
- Started homepage school@csi based on area network
- Very active mailing list
- Frequent meetings held in person
- Various collaborative projects organized
- Evaluation of past year activities, Development of CSI education division

(4) Thousand Cranes Project in 1995
- Hiroshima, 50th year memorial after the atomic bombing
- A teacher from Alianza Elementary School in California sent E-mail to Suzuhari Elementary School after she read Suzuhari's homepage.
- Yasuda Women's University started its homepage
- Supported communication visually and kept the record of exchanges
- This homepage got highly evaluated as the basic source of peace education.
Developed into a model page for peace education

(5) Peace Study Project in 1996 (Children's Thousand Crances Project)
- agatsuka Public Elementary School
"Nation-wide Children's Thousand Cranes Project"
- Nagatsuka Elementary School homepage started
The principal, an atomic bomb survivor publishes his story in English
Delivery of folded paper cranes in response to children's appeal
- Yoshishima Higashi Elementary School
"Machinto Project"
Presented the detailed document of peace study in schools in Hiroshima
A play, "Machinto", performed
This project was extended to 1997

(6) Internet Haiku Get-together in 1997
- Beginning of NTT's "CoNETion" Plan
There was no base linking the 100 schools and the CoNETion Plan
- Plan was formulated by exchanging information through school@csi
- Many trials for preparation
- Plan for Multimedia Exchange System
- Different approach from distance education?

(7) Internet Haiku get-together
Shinichi Someoka Yasuda Women's University
Motohiro Tamai Hiroshima Suzuhari Elementary School
Masashi Ogawa Kure Sansakachi Elementary School

Tuesday, June 10, 1997 9:00am-
Exam Monday, June 9, 1997 4:30pm-

Yasuda Women's University
Suzuhari Elementary School in Hiroshima
Sansakachi Elementary School in Kure

Yasuda Women's University Child Education Department, Education Technology Class (130 students)
Yasuda Women's University Child Education Dept . Prof. Kazumasa Kanda (Japanese Language Education)
Yasuda Women's University Graduate School students (as technical support)
Suzuhari Elementary School in Hiroshima sixth graders class 1
Sansakachi Elementary School in Kure sixth graders class 2

in the cooperation with the NTT Hiroshima Branch Office
Copyright (c) 1998, Shinichi Someoka, all rights reserved.
Permission to reprint on Child Research Net