International Symposium 1998 TOP

Dr. Denise Li Meng Goh
Children's Medical Centre
National University Hospital
Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine
E-mail: paegohlm@nus.edu.sg

Singapore is a small nation in South-East Asia and has developed rapidly over the last three decades. There were several important factors responsible for this change. Information technology(IT) was one of these and IT will continue to play an integral part in Singapore's attempt to become a developed nation through its strategy, "Singapore: The Next Lap". IT2000 is "The Next Lap's" plan to develop a National Information Infrastructure. Among the applications of this infrastructure are education and training of the young and the matured. IT in education translates into introducing information technology as teaching tools as well as a life skill to be taught. Teaching resources will be made more widely available and accessible through networks. The aims are to inject interactive learning, thinking skills and a sense of self-exploration into the education system. Multimedia has greatly enhanced the opportunities and avenues through which a child can learn. It would also influence the type of skills a child can develop. However, its forte, great accessibility, has also opened the child's world to potentially undesirable materials. Singapore is in the process of implementing policies that would hopefully minimize this without sacrificing the merits of multimedia.
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