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Ms. Jenny Aland

South Australian Department of Education
Curriculum Officer and Area Study Manager for the Arts
E-mail: jaland@ozemail.com.au


Jenny Aland is presently Curriculum Officer and Area Study Manager for the Arts within the South Australian Department of Education, Employment and Training, (D.E.T.E.). She has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary level and non government educational systems.

She has wide experience of curriculum development in South Australia and nationally -- she was associate writer in the visual arts for the nationally developed statements and profiles. She has served as project manager for a significant number of print, video and electronic resources for art curriculum including the multimedia resource A Survival Guide to the Internet for Teachers and The Arts on CD-ROM: Work samples in the arts from South Australian Schools.

She has presented a significant number of training and development workshops focusing on the use of information and communication technologies in schools. She has had a long interest in student's and teacher's use of computers in the compulsory and post compulsory years of schooling in the analysis and production of multimedia resources. She is currently engaged in surveying the use, in South Australian DETE schools, of new technologies particularly computers for multimedia in the art and design curriculum.

She has practiced as an artist in a diversity of mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, photography, graphic design. Her more recent work focuses on the production of educational materials using digital or electronic media.

Since the 1970s, Jenny has undertaken a diversity of post graduate studies including her Masters of Education gained from the University of Canberra in which the research focused on the history or art and design education within South Australia. She is currently undertaking research at the doctoral level at the University of South Australia in which the research is focusing on the use of electronic media, specifically computers, by selected Australian artists and senior secondary students in the development and production of multimedia artworks. She has also written, on commission from Deakin University, a monograph on the use of new technologies in the visual arts entitled Computers in the Art Classroom.

In 1991, she co-authored, with Max Darby, a highly successful student text Art Connections, published by Heinemann Australia, which focused on assisting students to talk and write about and research artworks from all over the world.

In 1997, she co-authored, again with Max Darby, Australian Artlook. The major focus of this extensive text is to help students look at Australian art and study the relationship between people and the physical and cultural environment.
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