My 3-Year-Old Brother

Place : Osaka
Taken by : M. O. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

His name is "Toshi-kun."
He loves music, especially Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. He loves cartoons like "Tom and Jerry" and Studio Ghibli and Disney movies, too. He spends most of the day indoors watching TV or playing with toys and games alone, but he also loves playing outside so much when it's sunny! I think his favorite way of spending time is to play outside and have a lot of fun. Another thing about him is that he loves his red "Cars", "Lightning McQueen" shoes which are very cute. It is fun to be with him when he's in a good mood, but very tiring at the same time because little kids have so much energy.

This is him when he was sleeping. Usually babies sleep a lot, but Toshi-kun is a really light sleeper. Sometimes he smiles during his sleep which makes me wonder what he's dreaming.
Watching my brother makes me curious about how little kids think even though I was once little, too.

This is Toshi-kun eating and drinking. He's able to do things by himself now, but sometimes still has trouble. He has a lot of likes and dislikes which really frustrates my mom sometimes, and I hope that he'll start behaving himself in a good way as he grows.

He annoys me sometimes, but I'm still glad that he's my brother. Even though I don't realize it, he's one of the people in my life who makes me smile

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