Service Area

Place : Ishikawa
Taken by : C. M. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

Taking a ride at the highway, there are many rest areas that can be seen. In Japan people calls it "service area (=SA)". This service area is known as a place for human to rest and also for cars to rest by refilling the gasoline. But each service area has its own uniqueness.

This is a convenience store. At this store, people can buy food, magazines, and daily goods.
(SAfs convenience stores are NOT selling alcohols because to prevent the drunken driving.)
Most of SAs has this type of store, and often open 24 hours each day.

Inside the SA, there are special shops that sell souvenir, especially of the local area.
Most customers buy sweets, but there are also dishes and toys that can be bought here.

Some SAs has unique places.
For example, at Amagozen SA, there is a very famous sightseeing spot called "Amagozen-Misaki". It is known as one of the historic spots in Japan and locates inside the Quasi-National Park.
Many drivers stop at Amagozen SA not only to rest, but to visit Amagozen-Misaki.

This is a picture taken at Amagozen-Misaki.

Many drivers stops at Amagozen SA not only to rest, but to see this view.

Nowadays, service areas play an important part in the development of the highway in Japan. People use service areas not only to take a break, but also to enjoy. What is unique is that the number of people who drives highway just to visit service area is increasing. There purpose is to eat local foods, to buy souvenir for themselves, or to visit famous spots (like Amagozen-Misaki). I recommend that people should visit service areas for fun!!!

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