Place : Kyoto
Taken by : K. Y. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

I have decided to do a photo project about Yakisoba (pan-fried noodles).
It seems to me that it is everywhere and that it is a "must-be-there" food.
There are some people who say that Tako-yaki (octopus dumpling) is a "must-be-there" food. On a website it is said that 66% of the people say Tako-yaki is the major food not yakisoba, but I like Yakisoba a lot so I have researched about funny kinds of Yakisoba.

I wondered how many kinds there are so I researched some interesting Yakisoba dishes.

This is a Curry-yakisoba with an Omelet on top. I have never eaten it but it does look interesting. It is the first time that I found out that some people put curry on top.

This is a Yakisoba with eggplant and sausages it is common in Nagoya. It is a combination with spaghetti. It is totally different than the Chinese food. Even though I don't like eggplants I might be able to eat it with this yakisoba.

This Yakisoba is made with mushrooms and beef roasted with salt. It also includes garlic. It was made with the image of a peperoncino. I think that it is not a Yakisoba any more. It looks more like a Zaru-soba.

Last but not least is the Yakisoba with the meat sauce on to. It is identical to the first one with the curry except this one has the meat sauce on top. I might like this one because it has meat and tomato sauce on top making it edible for me.

These are some Yakisoba that I thought was interesting. It is hard to believe that all these recipes can come out from one type of food.

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