Mobile Phones

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : M. T. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

—My Life with a Mobile Phone—


I exchange e-mail with my friends and family all day long. I especially send it in the train (on the way to school), at breaks between classes, and late at night.
When we make a message, we can decoration it to be lovely.

1SEG (watching TV on mobile phones)

I often watch TV on my mobile phone late at night in my room.
I can watch it whether I am in the house or not.
Using this function, you can record a TV show on your mobile phone.
There is no charge!


When I eat lunch with friends and we split the cost, to calculate my share, I often use the calculator feature.
On the right side is a dictionary. Using mobile dictionary, it is very easy to search words. It helps me with my homework.

—Convenient Functions—

STYLISH mobile

This mobile phone is mainly for women.
In photos taken using the camera of this mobile phone, everyone looks beautiful.
The phone was designed in collaboration with a famous nail artist, so the exterior is also lovely.
Japanese mobile phones are very fashionable and the screens are large.

SOLAR HYBRID mobile phone

This mobile phone has solar panels. By using solar energy, we can charge it if we are in outside.
It's a waterproof mobile, too.
Even if you drop it into water, there's no problem.
Japanese mobile phones have many convenient functions.

Mobile phones are continuously being developed with new, various functions. There are a lot of convenient functions.
Most teenagers have their own mobile phones.
If they have free time - even a little time -they enjoy surfing friends' blogs or favorite sites on the Internet. They bring their phone everywhere, even if they are in the house.
Thus, the everyday life of teenagers doesn't work if there are no mobile phones.
Using mobile phones may make us feel that friends are more familiar by always doing mail, but I'm afraid that the mobile phones decreasing the chance for teenagers to meet or speaking with people or go out.
I think that it is important for teenagers to communicate with people without using mobile phones, too.

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