World Heritage Site: Yashiro in Ujigamijinjya

Place : Kyoto
Taken by : Y. O. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

Ujigamijinjya (World Heritage Site)
It is thought that the shrine was begun when the Emperor Daigo received an oracle to construct the main shrine in the year 901 A.D. (in the Engi Era first year), but the details are unclear.

Haiden (National Treasure)
This place stands out immediately when I enter because it is disproportionate to the scale of the normal Shinto shrine; it is a big building.
It is said that it was built around 1215.

Kasugajinjya is a middle-sized shrine and designated Important Cultural Property.
It is said that we can worship the guardian deity of Fujiwara clan here.
It was built in the Kamakura Era.

Honden (National Treasure)
This is the cover that we can see directly, and there are three shrines inside, but we can't see them directly.
Ujinowakiiratsuko, the Emperor Oujin and the Emperor Jintoku are enshrined in these three shrines from left to right.

These other Ujigamijinjya shrines have Itsukushimasya, Sumiyoshisya, Kashiisya and Takemotoinarisya, listing them from left to right.

I researched about Ujigamijinjya Shrine this time, but there are other splendid examples of landmark architectures such as Ujijinjya Shrine, the pair of Ujigamijinjya Shrines, and also Byoudouin Temple in Uji, just outside of Kyoto City, where I live in.
Please try to visit Uji!

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