Japanese Culture

Place : Nara
Taken by : R. M. (Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School)

Dharma Doll
This is called Dharma because it was modeled after "Dharma Thaishih, a founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. It won`t tumble over. It is a very interesting toy. It is lucky. People draw in the second eyeball when their hopes come true. For example, people often use it when when campaigning during elections.

It is used to eliminate mosquitoes. It can be used for a long time and it is environmentally friendly.
But it is smoky because it uses smoke.

Household Shinto Altar
This is the shrine in my house. It is like a spirit in my house.
So I think people must always clean it so they will be guarded from disaster and so on by the spirit.

This oven was made of earth and stone and tiled on the outside. Once upon a time, people used these for cooking.
The fire was lit under the kettle. People breathe on to fire and it grows bigger. Rice made in such a kettle is especially delicious.
These are traditional goods for daily life in Japan. They are simple, but they show traditional Japanese culture.

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